How to play Mini Militia apk Mod with Friends on LAN?

What is Mini Militia Apk Mod?

The mini militia is a 2-dimensional game in which many players can participate to play this game online and offline, both free of cost. The mini militia is the top-ranked game in India. The mini militia is a fun combat game that many players can enjoy and play this game just to set up the wifi-signal and mobile data.

Mini Militia unlimited everything is a well-known combat video game. Many people know this game from the name Mini militia apk mod Doodle Army 2. This game was released in 2011 in the pacific northwest and north America. After 2011 Mini Militia become the most famous game in India and many other countries. Teenagers and adults love to play this game with their friends online and offline on their laptops, pcs, androids, and iOS devices. Many kids use Mini Militia wallpapers and logos on their phone and desktop screens, which means they are addicted and in love with Mini Militia Game.

How to play Mini Militia apk mod multiple players LAN wifi

If you want to play mini militia with your online friends, you need to go to the app store, Tap on the download button, go to the mini militia menu, and tap on the play online icon. Tap on the custom game button to choose the server of your choice.

Tap on the host to create the private room. Now you have to search your friends’ names to send an invite. If you want to play privately in your room, tap the padlock button type the password for your private room. 

Tap on the create icon. 

Mini militia apk mod with friends and LAN

Now you got your private room in the mini militia apk mod , and your friends got access to join you in the mini militia game.

Controls for Room Creator

The room creator can ban any player, change the password, choose the players and change the map anytime.

Play Mini Militia apk mod offline

If you don’t have a stable wifi connection or data, you can play mini militia as well by just following the simple steps below:

Go to the menu of mini militia 

Choose the practice local icon 

Choose any mode 

Now tap on the play icon


Mini Militia APK MOD Download Doodle Army 2

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