How to Join Friends in a Multiplayer Game in Mini Militia Apk Mod 2022

The technological world is progressing rapidly, and people are falling for it. Recently, the pandemic has opened everyone’s eyes, and people are converting their business and investments on the internet to earn and grow. Online gaming also boosted over the past years, and millions of people play online games with their friends. You can play them on your cell phones, laptops, and PC’s whenever and wherever you want.

You can also earn through online gaming as there are lots of competitions and tournaments being held on the internet for the gaming community. This article will discuss how to play mini militia in multiplayer mode with your friends.

How to join with friend in mulitiplayer in Mini miltia apk mod

What is Mini Militia Apk Mod?


The mini militia was released back in 2011 for IOS and later in 2015 for Android users. It is one of the best and most addictive combat online games on the internet. It is incredibly addictive, and people are crazy about it. You can play with a maximum of 6 players in a multiplayer mode. The game has excellent graphics that provide you with a real combat experience. Over time, the game had many updates and provided lots of cool and exciting features. And you can easily play this game and enjoy it with your friends as it is super addictive.

How to join your friends in a multiplayer?


You have to download it from the play store if you use an android. The game will not get much space on your device, and you can play it seamlessly. The game is available for download; however, an in-app purchase option is also available to give you some additional features. You can customize your avatar and use powerful weapons to enjoy the game to the fullest. These features will cost you less than a dollar, but the gameplay will be full of excitement and fun.

Select Option / Online


The mini militia apk mod is a fantastic combat game, and people are crazy for it. You can play a solo game multiplayer game with your friends. For playing in a multiplayer mode, you have to follow the steps accordingly; otherwise, it will not be possible for you. After installing the game, the next step is to select an option for playing the game. Select the online vote on the screen to play the game with your friends. You will not be able to play with your friends if you do not select this option.


Select Custom Gameplay


After completing the above steps, you can finally step up to the third step. The third step towards the multiplayer mode is to select the custom gameplay. The custom game option will allow you to play the game with your friends. You can team up with them and make different strategies with the team maps, explore the map and make maximum out of it to enjoy the best combat game of the gaming world.

Join Servers


After successfully joining the custom play, the next step is to search for the relevant servers. There are lots of servers available on which several online games are running. Without these servers, you will not enjoy these games with your buddies. These servers transmit the data and allow the connected players to enjoy the gameplay without any issue. Always join the server your friend told you to join; otherwise, you can not play with them.

Custom Room


After selecting the relevant server, the next step is to join the custom room. The custom room is the best update of mini militia because it lets you play with your buddies in multiplayer mode. Search the room by typing its name in the menu, and once you find it tap on the join option to play. You can add anyone in the customs room to play with you and enjoy the best combat gate of all time.

Enter Password


After joining the room, the following procedure is to put the password in the room. It is a mandatory step, and you cannot enter the room if you do not put in a password. Enter the relevant password to enjoy playing your favorite combat game with your mates.

Be a Host


Always be a host of the game and make a private room for everyone. After becoming the host, you will get control over certain features that no other will control. The authority will let you enjoy the game, and you will help other team members to make a strategy or effective plan to play and win. The controls you can get after becoming a host are as follows.

The Map


After becoming the host, you are eligible to see the map. It will allow you to make a better plan by exploring the map so that you can win with your team. You can create an effective strategy to achieve many perks and results in winning the game. You can use different systems at different missions for a nail-biting competition with your team.



The host has the authority to add the players in the private room and share the server and login details to the desired players to add them. It is up to the host to add the relevant players; if the host does not allow you, you cannot enter the room or gameplay.

Ban a Player


The host has the authority to add different players in a private room to enjoy the game. It also has the power to ban the players. The host can ban any player in the gameplay if he is not playing well or not obeying the rules and strategy. So, do not mess with the host. Stick to the system and enjoy playing the best combat game in the world.

Let’s Play


After following the above steps, you are all set to play the best combat game on the internet with your teammates. After entering the custom room password, you are all set to enjoy the game with your loved ones in multiplayer mode. You can make game plans, explore different lethal weapons and attack the opponents with your teammates. Enjoy the game Mini Militia APK MOD Download Doodle Army 2 Pro Pack Unlocked

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