Privacy Policy is providing different mod versions of the mini militia game. Our website may have a lot of outbound links to show you another level of information related to your concerns. We respect your privacy, information, and all other data that we collect while you are browsing our website.

What type of data do we collect?

While a visitor comes to our website, we collect some data regarding his activity to keep our website away from any kind of spam. Here is how we collect your data from different kinds of activities.


When someone will leave a comment on any of our blogs, we will collect some information even if he has not provided those details. First of all, we will collect the IP address that you are using to browse this section of our website. Along with this, anything that you will share in the comments will be saved at the backend.

It is done only to keep our platform away from spamming visits or comments. Along with this, if you are using some outbound links in the comments, we will collect some basic details related to that platform. It is in our hands to remove or leave that link in the comments section according to the nature of your comment.

Once you have written a comment, it will be kept on hold automatically to be reviewed by our team. On approval of any comment, the profile picture and name will be shown publically.

Cookies Policy

On the very first visit to our website, you will be asked to accept cookies that we used for some specific purpose. When you have accepted those cookies, some data will automatically be saved in our database.

We will keep your name, profile picture, and email (if shared) in our database for almost 90-120 days. It is just for the sake of your ease. Whenever you will visit our website in this duration, you won’t get any cookies settings permission.

Also, the details in the comment section will automatically be written once you have typed your message.

External Website’s privacy

We at include a lot of external links that may connect the visitor to some platforms like Wikipedia or any other related websites. Whenever you will follow those links, you will reach the destination. We do not responsible for any kind of data sharing that you will do with any of those platforms.

You have to check for their disclaimer or privacy policy before you share any personal details with them.